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Tammy Miller


Old MacMiller’s Farm is owned and operated by Rob and Tammy Miller in Bassano, Alberta. (Est. in 2000)  Along with their chore crew, Old MacMiller’s Farm is a location for people to experience so many learning opportunities, for ages 1-99. Learning about country life first hand will get you charged for the social events that will include a little fun...well maybe a lot of fun!  From learning about farm animals to toe-tapping in the soon to be renovated 90 year old barn, there is something for everyone! We can’t wait to share all the future excitement that is going to unfold!  You will want to come back again and again…’s where memories will be made! It is an agritourism destination you will want to be sure you put on your map while visiting the Wildrose Region. Be sure to check out all the partners while on the best redneck road trip east of the rockies! You won’t be disappointed! 

The Big Idea

Old MacMillers Farm will have something for everyone! Whether it’s buying honey right from our farm to signing up for an authentic Christmas dinner evening in a 90 year old barn, to kicking your boots to a live band during one of barn dances. Customers will be able to go home with unique souvenirs right from Old MacMillers Farm that they can purchase right from our barn, along with showcasing local talents wares for sale in our barn. People will buy experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime. I am going to sell Old MacMillers Farm “branded” apparel along with farm produce right from our farm (honey, pumpkins, handmade goods,etc) along with unique local handmade crafts.


Key assets I need initially are to get our actual barn lifted and completed (infrastructure), equipment to lift the barn and finish the barn itself. (house moving company, auger for pilings, cement work, etc)

Funding for professional services to complete the barn as mentioned above is the main key resource needed.

Developing a reliable, user friendly website for the public to easily browse and access is a huge key resource as well.

Setting up the Old MacMillers “Brand” to be recognized in this area of the Wildrose region, as a hub and hitching post for Agritourism. 

Organization with my cluster, events and a our Redneck road trip along with lining up workshop artisans, music entertainers and employees when needed…..including my awesome family and friends will also be key resources. 







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