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Rosemary Wotske


Poplar Bluff Organics was first named Poplar Bluff Farm at its founding in 1985, and has produced organic vegetables for over 35 years.


Not one to talk about the initials behind her name, Rosemary Wotske did many years of homework before founding Poplar Bluff Organics. With a biology degree majoring in physiology and biochemistry, and a Master of Science in Plant Genetics, she lived and breathed her farm’s mission statement well before she even started researching land and testing soil. 


Located just south of Strathmore, Poplar Bluff's soil and climate are ideal for potatoes, so they make the most of it with 16 varieties to choose from.


Partnering with Carrots by Cam, founded by Cam Beard, Poplar Bluff extends their produce offerings to include carrots, parsnips, and beets.


Locals know Cam’s unbelievably flavourful, sweet carrots are unmatched anywhere in the region, thanks to his organic soil stewardship and cold-harvesting methods. It’s a taste that simply cannot be replicated in a factory farm operation geared to massive volumes.

The Big Idea

Poplar Bluff Distilling, part of the popular Poplar bluff farm, will be one of the few distilleries in Canada that produces certified organic spirits as well as traditional spirits made from the sprawling grain fields that surround the distillery.  Located on an old farm, the distillery will be associated with a notable Steak House featuring products from the local area. A strong focus on local will be reflected in the menus and items sold in the gift store.  






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