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Jennifer Franssen


Whispering Cedars Ranch (WCR) is a family owned and operated business. The young owners, Janna and Ryan Greir wanted to pursue a passion for farming that started at a young age, and decided to raise sheep because of their small size and gentle nature. As a child, Ryan was given the opportunity to work with cattle and horses on his Uncle Howards’ Ranch – Whispering Cedars on Vancouver Island.  He was able to instill his love for the land and animals in Ryan and though Uncle Howard is no longer with us WCR is a tribute to his memory, his dedication to ranching and his love of family.   It was formally established in 2012 and currently sits on 93 acres near Strathmore, Alberta. Working together to grow the flock has provided Janna and Ryan with a rewarding adventure.  Along the way their have inspired their family to get involved and be part of the excitement.


The goal is simple: to raise Alberta lamb in an ethically humane manner and provide the industry with healthy and proven purebred replacement breeding stock. The health and safety of the animals at the forefront and WCR works closely with the University of Calgary, and other linked organizations to better the sheep industry in Canada.  WCR also exist to nourish the lives of consumers by offering exceptional quality lamb. Most importantly WCR is dedicated to environmental stewardship and the preservation of the family farm.  

The Big Idea

WCR realized that educating the public about farming and knowing where their food comes from is just as important.  The opportunity to expand and diversify the operation through creation of Family Farm Stay vacations whereby visitors learn about the land, the basic care of animals and an education on how food is raised and marketed.  The vacations would introduce visitors to Alberta life east of the Rockies and a simpler way of life – visiting Wheatland County, eating, shopping and touring the Badlands as we know and enjoy!


​​Potential Visitors






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