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help us Build Canada's Agritourism Capital in Alberta's Wild Rose region, east of Calgary!


The Agritourism Innovation Challenge is designed to scale up agritourism in the Wild Rose Region east of Calgary, incentivizing existing businesses and/or entrepreneurs to build new exciting businesses.


Our team has worked hard and come up with big ideas for new agritourism products or services in the region. They received online training to help develop their big ideas into business plans to be evaluated on their creativity, viability and readiness, based on completed assignments and feedback from coaches.

The businesses will be showcased at a virtual pitch event beginning March 26th 7:00pm MST 2021. The winners will receive $70,000+ worth of further business development supports and marketing in order to make their big ideas into reality!

how can you help?

Help out your community, and the participants by showing your support. Watch the pitches, comment, visit their websites and social media, leave inspiring comments and share your favourites. 


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