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Nicky Melville


Local Up was founded by two sisters motivated during the covid pandemic to make buying local and green easier. Agritourism became the link they were looking for, promoting local agriculture East of Calgary and supporting local businesses.

The Big Idea

Local Up, Collaborative Projects brings you ‘buy local’ tourism, providing fun and easy ways for Calgarians to stay active, eat well, support their community and build the local economy. 

As a grassroots social network, the Local Up! team collaborates across industries to create social events and recreation packages connecting local, eco-responsible businesses and farmers to their customers. 


The first initiative is the development of the Wildrose Eco-Trail, a Calgarian’s day trip or ‘stay-cation’ with outdoor recreation, farm to table dining, western culture and country markets. Traveling the Wildrose Eco Trail is to visit Alberta’s Western roots, so that we can carry the best pieces forward into a bright future. Following the Trail on social media is to be inspired, as we celebrate Albertans working and playing together to build prosperity and health for us all.


Agritourism businesses East of Calgary, including accommodations, recreation, food and venues.​​






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