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Chris Denholm


Bighorn Tours (大角旅游公司) was established in 2021 to provided customized tours of southern Alberta (Canada). Based in Calgary, we provide tours of the Rocky Mountains, the City of Calgary, and the rural heartland east of the city. Our founders, Chris Denholm and Chunqing Wang, believe in providing unique and authentic experiences for our clients. We offer customized packages and options that best serve our clients and facilitate great experiences and lasting memories. Our clients have the opportunity to see the beauty and diversity of southern Alberta while enjoying the culture, food and unique experiences that are available. Our small group and family tours are available as one-week, two-week or three-week packages, and can be tailored to suit your unique needs. We work with local partners so that our clients enjoy the full experience of rural, urban and mountain life in Canada.

The Big Idea

The big idea is to attract tourists from China who have an interest in learning more about Canada. The plan will be to offer a package of stays and experiences in the Wildrose Region as part of a more comprehensive unique tourism package including Rocky Mountain and Calgary attractions. There is an interest from many tourists to have "real" experiences, and the Wildrose Region would be a major component of building an "authentic" experience of Canada.


We need to work with local people to develop interesting options for stays and experiences, including unusual sights, excursions and opportunities - in both summer and winter. We would need to develop packages based on what is available and which would seem most to suit our target market.





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