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Daniel Smith



Located in central Alberta near Three Hills, Good Knights has been providing unforgettable immersive medieval experiences for guests for the past 4 years.


Travel back in time and stay in lavishly furnished medieval tents at the Good Knights Encampment. Fun for the whole family with a wide array of activities, Saturday night feasts, and a whole lot more.


A world-class destination offering a unique and memorable experience to guests, and operating from May through September, with a team of knowledgeable and well trained guest ambassadors. What began as an annual feast and camp-out for fellow medieval reenactors has turned into a thriving business. Now the premier medieval destination in North America, Good knights has been recognized internationally for its unique experience and excellent customer service. Listed as one of the top (and most unique) glamping destinations on the Continent, Good Knights continues to wow its guests and garner top ratings and stellar reviews.

The Big Idea


Coming in 2021 is the Burrows, fantasy-themed underground accommodation for fans of the Hobbit, with its own set of unique & cozy features. An experience like no other.


The Burrows will feature:

  • Private underground burrow (designed to accommodate 2 adults + 2 children) 

  • Round doors and windows

  • Richly decorated interiors

  • Bedroom, hall, bathroom, & sitting room (with a fireplace), and plenty of hooks to hang your cloaks on

  • Fully wheelchair accessible

  • Private outdoor garden with benches to enjoy the excellent views

  • Breakfasts included (all 3 - first, second, and ‘Elevensies’)

  • Themed costumes provided (including a cozy hooded-cloaks) 

  • And special Hobbit-themed activities and adventures.


  1. Investors to complete the burrow exterior and landscaping

  2. Bookings for 2021 medieval glamping and medieval feast experiences







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