Frequently asked questions

How much is the program?

The program is being offered for free.

What marketing supports will I recieve?

Throughout the program, a videographer and photographer will be capturing materials for you and your team to use during and afterwards. The footage will include regional and business specific photos and video. There will also be digital and print marketing services, including social media and website development.

I am very busy with work and family. What is the time requirement?

We are here to help. This program was designed for busy people, and we can help you customize your experience to suit your schedule.

How is the course administered?

The curriculum is administered 100% online. There is an introduction to Agritourism, and then four themes, ( 1. Cluster Development, 2. Business Planning, 3. Workforce Development, 4. Marketing), each with three modules. The instruction is pre-recorded, and presented through videos and readings. The training can be taken at your own pace. All modules will need to be completed by March 15.

Where do I find 'partners'?

Partners can come in many different forms, but the easiest one would be a local or neighbouring business, or a local entrepreneur with an idea. You can have one or more partners to participate. If you would like help finding a local partner, reach out to us, and we will help you connect with someone in the area. Partners can be friends or family, or businesses in your community.