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Coming in 2021 is the Burrows, fantasy-themed underground accommodation for fans of the Hobbit, with its own set of unique & cozy features. An experience like no other.


The Burrows will feature Private underground burrow (designed to accommodate 2 adults + 2 children) , richly decorated interiors, bedroom, hall, bathroom, & sitting room (with a fireplace), and plenty of hooks to hang your cloaks on, fully wheelchair accessible, private outdoor garden with benches to enjoy the excellent views, breakfasts included (all 3 - first, second, and ‘Elevensies’), themed costumes provided (including a cozy hooded-cloaks) , and special Hobbit-themed activities and adventures.

Daniel Smith

Our tourism company wants to showcase everything Alberta has to offer through a tour from the rockies through the prairies. We plan to target Chinese tourists who have an interest in learning more about Canada. The plan is to offer stay and experience packages in the Wildrose Region as part of a more comprehensive unique tourism package including Rocky Mountain and Calgary attractions. There is an interest from many tourists to have "real" experiences, and the Wildrose Region would be a major component of building an "authentic" experience of Canada.

Chris Denholm

WCR realized that educating the public about farming and knowing where their food comes from is just as important.  The opportunity to expand and diversify the operation through creation of Family Farm Stay vacations whereby visitors learn about the land, the basic care of animals and an education on how food is raised and marketed.  The vacations would introduce visitors to Alberta life east of the Rockies and a simpler way of life – visiting Wheatland County, eating, shopping and touring the Badlands as we know and enjoy!

Jennifer Franssen

Nicky Melville

Local Up, Collaborative Projects brings you ‘buy local’ tourism, providing fun and easy ways for Calgarians to stay active, eat well, support their community and build the local economy. 

As a grassroots social network, the Local Up! team collaborates across industries to create social events and recreation packages connecting local, eco-responsible businesses and farmers to their customers. 


The first initiative is the development of the Wildrose Eco-Trail, a Calgarian’s day trip or ‘stay-cation’ with outdoor recreation, farm to table dining, western culture and country markets. Traveling the Wildrose Eco Trail is to visit Alberta’s Western roots, so that we can carry the best pieces forward into a bright future.

Poplar Bluff Distilling, part of the popular Poplar bluff farm, will be one of the few distilleries in Canada that produces certified organic spirits as well as traditional spirits made from the sprawling grain fields that surround the distillery.  Located on an old farm, the distillery will be associated with a notable Steak House featuring products from the local area. A strong focus on local will be reflected in the menus and items sold in the gift store.  

Rosemary Wotske

Old MacMillers Farm will have something for everyone! Whether it’s buying honey right from our farm to signing up for an authentic Christmas dinner evening in a 90 year old barn, to kicking your boots to a live band during one of barn dances. Customers will be able to go home with unique souvenirs right from Old MacMillers Farm that they can purchase right from our barn, along with showcasing local talents wares for sale in our barn. People will buy experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime. I am going to sell Old MacMillers Farm “branded” apparel along with farm produce right from our farm (honey, pumpkins, handmade goods,etc) along with unique local handmade crafts.

Tammy Miller

Betty Jane (BJ) Janzen

COVID-19 brought about a very challenging scenario.  We realized how dependent we were on the theatre.  When I had 58 cancellations in one day, I knew that I needed to pivot and come up with another way of introducing folks to the Inn.  


10 days later, a friend and I launched the Rosebud Country Market, where folks could order their food online and drive to the inn for pickup, where we would place their groceries in the trunk.  Contact was avoided and a need was met.  We even brought in a food truck!


We then wondered how we could attract guests who were used to seeing a theatre production here in our little town.  So…a group of actors created our own theatre production.  It was a great success, for the time that it was allowed to be performed.  Our minds are going on the productions we can offer, once the COVID restrictions come off.


These various events and offerings have given our struggling town opportunities for new folks to see what we have to offer.  It has created an awareness that we are more than the theatre and that the theatre experience can be enhanced.


Now, 5 years later, the market is thriving, the Inn is busy (and expanding) and our theatre productions are drawing large numbers of folks from around the world.

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