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8 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Consider Agritourism

Agritourism has become a major growing industry in Canada, and the surge in interest comes partly from the major revenue generation potential.

Agritourism also improves the lives of the overall staff and broader community. And that's not all. It is an economic development and revenue driver that has been exhibited in Canada and in numerous other countries. Have you looked at agritourism as a way to expand your business and generate new revenue streams? Now could be the ideal time for you.

To get started in the development of a successful agritourism business, does not necessarily involve a big upfront investment or large capital costs. Quite the opposite. Many farm operators do not realize the potential that their farm property already holds for a lucrative and rewarding venture using only their existing assets.

Agritourism has become an exciting form of culinary, entertainment and educational activities. Some of these activities include; U-pick produce, onsite markets, concerts and festivals, farm to table dinners, recreational activities, beer tasting, wine tastings, hayrides and corn mazes. These kinds of activities bring an authentic experience that reflects the uniqueness of the region's agricultural charm. This is what today’s agritourism and regional visitors are seeking. Adding agritourism to an existing business is a fantastic way to increase revenue, educate visitors, engage and connect, and showcase the beauty of local communities and rural landscapes.

The significant growth in the agritourism market is fuelled by factors and trends including; consumer demand for a more family-oriented and economical travel, as compared to a typical hotel package, an interest in learning, and the desire for authentic experiences. These trends all fit well with agritourism activities.

As the agritourism industry continues to grow and the range of offerings multiply, the opportunities to create new experiences and attract visitors will flourish.

Agritourism clusters are increasing in popularity, because there is power in team business endeavours.

Collaboration among entrepreneurs, tourism and service industries, recreation and agricultural businesses to host events and activities, while promoting each other helps to increase revenue streams, strengthens the industry and community, and help to develop new attractions to keep visitors returning for more.

Top 8 Reasons You Should Look at Agritourism

2. Additional business revenue through expanded products and services

1. Alternative use of existing land and assets

3. Opportunity to collaborate with other businesses and merge industries

4. New business opportunities and new markets!

5. Diversify business and increase profits with new products and services

6. Create new jobs

7. Positive impact on indirect businesses in the community like retail

8. Create off-season revenue

The benefits of establishing an agritourism enterprise are pretty amazing. If you're interested in exploring agritourism for YOUR business, register for the Agritourism Innovation Challenge here.

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