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Partnerships can Skyrocket Your Business Revenue

There are two well-known sayings that apply to the strength of partnerships.

You often hear people say that “two heads are better than one,” and, “there is strength in numbers.”

There is no better approach to solving problems and improving financial outcomes than forming strategic partnerships.

In the world of agritourism, these partnerships can be referred to as “clusters.” The cluster approach is about building partnerships, typically in a shared geographic region that combine the common needs, talent, creativity, goals and interests of the partners. You all want the same thing. That is, to grow a healthy successful business and create revenue.

Strategic partnerships can benefit everyone. Partnerships can provide you with greater access to a wide range of expertise and complimentary skills as well as marketing channels.

Every person and every business has their unique set of strengths, so sharing these abilities while focusing on a common goal, will strengthen the foundation and pave a path of accomplishments and profits for your business.

A synergy occurs when two or more people or companies recognize they can accomplish more together than they could apart.

Look around your community. There are potential opportunities to create a partnership . Maybe you have a large corn field and can imagine transforming it into a fun maze. Perhaps a landscape company or artist can help with the design. Another neighbour may have an apple orchard and apple cider that can be served and sold on-site. Visitors might want to buy some cider to take home. Maybe a mobile BBQ business or a food truck wants to join in. You could create a partnership and combine these adventures, adding some additional services like a shuttle bus that runs from town, or to the nearby B&B or motel. This alliance could become very profitable for all of you.

Use your imagination and talk it over with neighbours, friends and family. Collaboration brings about incredible ideas.

Here are just a few examples of business partnership benefits:

1. Cost Savings.

Business partners help to share expenses to run the business, such as marketing.

2. Better work/life balance

When you share labour and time it lightens the load.

3. Higher Profits

A business partnership provides additional talent and greater vision and significantly increases the opportunity for growth, and higher profits.

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